The Carl Frohm Archival Center is located within the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society.  The Archival Center consists of photographs, documents, memorabilia and three dimensional objects of individuals, families, organizations, businesses, synagogues etc. of Nebraska and Western Iowa.  The collection primarily is composed of materials donated to the NJHS.

The collection is catalogued in accordance with national standards by groups, subgroups and series.  Visitors can browse the NJHS collection online.  Researchers are given the location of the materials within the Carl Frohm Center only. 

Copies of the documents and photographs can be obtained from the NJHS office.  A fee for photographs and documents must be paid at the time of service or in advance of service.

Visitors and researchers are encouraged to contact the NJHS office in advance to schedule an appointment.

The Nebraska Jewish Historical and Carl Frohm Archival Center is dedicated to the preservation of the community’s history.  The NJHS seeks donations of personal and family papers, photographs, organizational records and all memorabilia that document our local Jewish history.
 Description Box File Shelf Folder Oversized Series
 (Shukert), Rachel Pearl, w/p  216  C  5  249    19-S
 (Silverman), Marjorie Fromkin Fogel & Danny  220  C  5  318    19-S
 (Simon), Lillian Silverman, w/p  221  C  5  343    19-S
 (Slusky), Jodi Gershoni, w/p  225  C  6  398    19-S
 (Sommer), Belle Lipsett  227  C  6  449    19-S
 (Speier), Susan Hartman  229  C  6  474    19-S
 (Steinberg), Betty Burke Milder Large Photo & Certificate  231  C  6  519  7  19-S
 (Steinberg), Betty Milder & Abe, w/p  231  C  6  518    19-S
 (Steinberg), Gertrude Fleichman, w/p  231  C  6  520    19-S
 (Steinberg), Phyllis Belzer, w/p  232  C  6  532    19-S
 (Steinberg), Tobi Morgan, w/p  232  C  6  537    19-S
 (Steinberg), Tobi Morgan-Large Certificate  232  C  6  539  7  19-S
 (Steinberg), Toby Silverman, w/p  232  C  6  538    19-S
 (Steinberg), Vicki Smith Burke, w/p  233  C  6  540    19-S
 (Steinberg), Vicki Smith Burke-Letters  233  C  6  541    19-S
 (Summer), Joanie Rischall, w/p  236  C  6  595B    19-S
 (Wax), Julie Stein, w/p  244  D  2  21    23-W
 (Wolk), Evelyn Novak, w/p  255  D  4  211    23-W
 Abraham, Bessie & John  1  A  1  1    1-A
 Abraham, Harriet, w/p  1  A  1  2    1-A
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